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New patcher (launcher)

Dear players,
We are happy to announce a switch to a newly developed launcher. New launcher should download all the newest updates without any issues; the function of client check is also included and working, allowing you to solve any issues regarding inability to launch the game due to missing files. Even if half of the files were deleted, this launcher will be able to download the missing files and allow you to continue playing without any problems.

All the current game clients will receive this new launcher automatically, but just in case the old launcher is unable to update to the newest version, we are including the manual update so that you can update it on your own.

From this moment onwards all the updates will be developed for the new launcher only, while support for the old version will be terminated.
Our project’s website has updated links to the game clients, it has all the relevant updates as well as the new launcher.

Ручное обновление:

Instructions for installing a manual update is located inside the archive.
If you have difficulty installing - contact technical support.

More info about the new launcher:
  • News block – Project’s news and links to those news will be displayed here
  • Log block – the progress of ongoing updates and client checks ill be shown here, as well as any emerging errors.
  • Version block – here you can see the current version of launcher and game client that are installed on your computer
  • Main Menu block
  • Start button is only active when all the updates are downloaded and installed.
More info about the Main Menu block
  • Our website – allows you to open the project’s website
  • Registration – leads to the registration page
  • Buy sycee – leads to the form where you can buy syce from (if doesn’t work for your region, please use paypal to buy sycee)
  • Check client – this button allows to launch the complete client check
  • Update – this button allows you to update the client to the latest version (upon launching the game you will automatically be asked to download the latest update)
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