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Недавний контент aurora

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    Can't start the game

    Always like that, and now i got the problem after update.
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    wow, thanks you so much. its clear now
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    now i can login, when I checked again the patch. but now I see something different here. and when i login like that I had time to take pictures with my phone before displaying the display above
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    Don't find the challenge instance quest when creating a guild

    Saya think this bug from english patch
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    Набор на Закрытое Бета-тестирование 191 версии

    1. Stesya 2. 21 3. Aurora 4. Indonesia UTC +7 5. 21:00 WIB 6. 2015 7. I want try to help as much as possible 8. aurora#8049 ------------------------------------------------------ Accepted