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Event Cupid - Events February 14


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Events February 14

Dear players
After the update, the events of February 14 started on the server (since they were moved to this weekend).
Below you can learn more about all the events that are held in the game.

In the city of Happiness appeared Cupid


You can take one of the following Tasks from Cupid:

• Million Red Roses​
• Lonely Hearts​
• Rose? Give them to me!​
• Cupid's gift​

Please note!
If you have a Husband or Wife on the server, we recommend that you complete the Million Scarlet Roses paired task.
If you complete the Lonely Hearts task , you will not be able to complete the paired task.

Learn more about Tasks

A Million Red Roses

This is a paired quest for 85+ levels.​
To take the quest, you need to unite with your other half in a group, the leader of the group must be a male character.​
After taking the task, you will automatically receive a reward in the amount of 30 Hearts and Roses for your Beloved (Only a man will get it).​
A man can give this rose to his Wife by pressing the RMB.​
With a gift from her Husband in her inventory, the wife must become the Leader of the group and give the rose to Cupid.​
Cupid will give his wife and husband 10 Hearts for the given Rose.​
Cupid can be given 5 roses, the first free rose is available to everyone, the other four the Husband can buy in the Store and give them to his Wife.​
After the appearance of the presented rose in the inventory of the Wife, she can hand it over to Cupid (Remember about the group with her husband to receive a joint reward)​
After passing all 5 roses, the couple will have 100 Hearts each.​

Lonely Hearts

Available to all players of 75+ levels.​
You can take a task from Cupid, he will direct you to search for a Fortune Teller in the city of Rime.​
When you find a predictor, you will receive a Box of Predictions from him.​
Open the box and get your prediction.​
Take the prediction to the right place and give it to the NPC standing there for a reward.​
The Broken Hearts you receive as a reward can be exchanged with Cupid for Improved Smelting.​

Roses? Give them to me!

Available to all players of 50+ levels.​
You can exchange one Cave Rose for one Rose for a gift.​
You can exchange 500 roses a day.​

Cupid's Gift

Available to all players of 50+ levels.​
After receiving this task, you can go to the Bamboo Grove, find Cupid's Gift there and dig it up.​
Gifts appear every 30 minutes. The number of gifts is limited.​

Fu Giu

In the Fu Giu, Hearts are scattered along all the paths.
Collect them, get Hearts of Happiness and save them to exchange for Beautiful Riding Pets and Decorative Pets.


Cupid 's Trade

Cupid will stay on the server until the morning of the 24th. Therefore, have time to exchange the collected items for rewards.

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