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Project terms and conditions

Dear players,
Below are the terms and conditions of the Swordsman Forvard project. Please read this list carefully and be aware of these rules.
Rules apply to everyone whether you have read them or not.

The action of registering your account automatically confirms that you agree to be in compliance with the following rules.

Common terms and conditions
  • Players are prohibited from using links to other projects/games in their messages and signatures.
  • Players are responsible for following up on the changes in terms and conditions on their own, and are responsible for being in compliance with rules set by project’s administration.
  • Players can complain about a member of administration if the player has sufficient evidence of the wrongdoing.
  • Administration is not responsible for returning items, characters and accounts in case if they were stolen from players.
  • Administration is not responsible for providing players with evidence of their wrongdoing submitted by other players or admins.
  • Administration is not responsible for temporary or permanent inability of certain players to play the game on Forvard server.
  • Administration of the server retains the right to conduct any server updates without prior notice.
  • In case of malfunctions or interruptions in server function Administration will take all the necessary actions needed to restore the server as soon as possible

Main Rules

1.01 Any kind of insulting and derogatory comments toward Administration are prohibited.
  • Insults, allegations, discussions of in-game actions and forum actions of administration are prohibited.
  • Disclosing personal and confidential information of a third party (any other player than yourself) or of administration or game-masters (including private chats) is strictly prohibited.
  • Discrediting server admins and GMs, spreading false information as well as information that undermines players’ trust in admins, GMs and the server overall are prohibited. Any kind of information regarding admins and GMs can only be disclosed if a permit is acquired from that person.
1.02 Interfering with GMs and admins in-game is prohibited, all players are required to comply with administration’s directions.
  • Arguing with administration or GMs is prohibited
  • Unless an event held by administration involves PVP, PVP is prohibited in the area where the event is held. If the event involves PVP, then PVP only starts once the GM has indicated so.
  • Interfering with an event held by GMs is prohibited.
1.03 “Flooding” at GMs and admins with issues not related to the game is prohibited.
1.04 Begging, asking for in-game currency, goods, items, rewards for your actions; asking about lifting the punishment that has already been implemented is prohibited. In case if players are not sure why the punishment has been put in place, players can write a private message to a GM to clarify the reasons for said punishment. Discussing punishment placement in public is prohibited. In the case of a player disagreeing with the punishment, the player can submit a complaint in the appropriate section of the forum adding appropriate evidence to your message (screenshots, chats)
  • GM responsible for implementation of the punishment has a right to not disclose the reason for punishment to players.
  • Begging, asking for in-game currency, goods, items, rewards for your actions is prohibited.
  • Administration will review and respond to player’s ban complaint within 14 to 90 days after the complaint submission.
1.05 Threats, blackmail and lying to administration and GMs is strictly prohibited.
1.06 When writing to GMs players are encouraged to cut to the chase and ask your question directly, without “U here?” “Hi, can I ask a question?”.
1.07 Administration and GMs are not responsible for answering questions, answers to which are available on forum or by asking other players.
1.08 Administration is not responsible for finding players upon other player’s requests.
1.09 Administration can grant certain individuals the rights similar to those of a GM for a limited amount of time. During this time that individual falls under rules 1.01-1.08
  • Admin or GM granting such privileges to a player has to disclose the time of the privileges given in the red GM system chat.
2. Player-player interactions and player/server interactions rules.

2.01 Swearing and insulting other players is prohibited in all in-game chats, on forum and in game groups on social media.
  • Intentional and unintentional insulting of other players, guilds, forum members is prohibited.
  • Insulting relatives and parents of other players is prohibited.
2.02 “Flooding” is prohibited in all in-game chats. Definition of “flooding” is as follows: Sending similar messages more than 2-3 times in a row (3+ similar messages should not be found in a static standard page of in-game chat)
  • Colored text is prohibited
  • Trade flooding is prohibited
  • Guild advertisement flooding is prohibited
  • Nonsensical messages are prohibited (strings of smiles; +1; XD; hohohoho, etc.)
2.03 CAPSLOCKed messages where more than 50% of the text is upper case are prohibited.
2.04 Trading messages are allowed once in about 30 seconds and/or once in a static standard page of in-game chat.
2.05 Blackmailing or threatening other players is prohibited.
2.06 Intentional and/or hidden advertisement of other projects are prohibited unless allowed by administration.
2.07 Intentional bug/lag using is prohibited
2.08 Public bug/lag discussion is prohibited both in-game and on forum/social media
2.09 Players must report any and all bugs found to admins or GMs.
2.10 Using third party programs capable of simulating character presence or interrupting game process/ giving unfair advantage to the players is prohibited. Such programs as FlyHack, JumpHack, autoclicker, skillsender, etc. are prohibited.
2.11 Creating character names containing any of the following is prohibited: GM, Administrator, test, shop, as well as names imitating those used by admins and GMs. Current, former GM and admin names are all prohibited, as well as names containing lewd language. Following rules of name creation apply to everyone:
  • Color coded or bugged nicknames are prohibited (using such codes as ~, ^)
  • Racist, religious and nationalist nazi-related nicknames are prohibited.
  • Plagiarizing already existing nicknames is prohibited.
  • Nonsensical nicknames are prohibited (such as string of symbols, random combination of letters).
  • Spaces and other unreadable symbols are prohibited.
  • Swear words are prohibited when naming guilds and alliances.
  • Administration, GM, GM nicknames are not allowed to be used in guild/clan names
2.12 It is prohibited to pose as a member of administration, GM, or anyone related to administration.
2.13 In-game accounts, as well as all of their content is property of administration, and can be requisitioned without disclosing the reasons for such actions.
2.14 Trading, exchange, buying and selling of in-game characters as well as valuables attached to in-game accounts is prohibited.
2.15 Administration provides certain valuables to certain players under conditions of those players helping project development by donating to the project. Any items or in-game currency provided to players continue to be administrations’ property.